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The AT&T MVNX APIs offer a versatile range of mobile infrastructure services. With these APIs, businesses can customize their offerings to suit their specific use case, providing a seamless and personalized experience for their customers.

Tailored plans

Tailored plans

Target niche markets with tailored plans and services to cater to specific needs. Tailored plans can target consumer groups such as families, students, seniors or travelers.

Bundled services

Bundled services

Bundle your mobile services with other products such as home internet or home security, to provide your customers with a full range of networking solutions.


Bring your own device (BYOD)

Allow your customers to use their existing devices and phone numbers while using your enhanced carrier services.


Our RESTful APIs make creating customer solutions a snap. With our APIs you can hand-tailor a wide range of business offerings.


Data-only plans

Help customers who primarily use their devices for internet access

Emergency services

Offer a network dedicated to emergency services such as alerts and public safety notifications

Niche markets

Provide services and plans tailored to the senior market

Case Studies

“AT&T's MVNX APIs allow us to offer tailored plans for our mobile advertising services.”

James Grant, Chief Information Officer at Fullbridge, providing platforms for creative wireless marketing campaigns.


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With our APIs you can hand-tailor a wide range of business offerings.